Hello :wave:

I work as a mobile software developer. I started my career as an iOS developer with Objective-C on iPhone OS 3.2, I worked as macOS developer in a C/C++, Objective-C and Swift environment. At my current job, I work on a react-native project on iOS and on Android platforms with languages as Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, JavaScript and TypeScript.

I consider myself a technology enthusiast, who is keen on learning new technologies, techniques, design patterns and programming languages. Fortunately, my profession is my passion and I love what I can achieve with that.

I like to spend some of my free time to work on my personal projects, where I could deep dive in to different and challenging problems and solutions. When I face with an obstacle, I prefer to understand it and find the optimal solution for it. I believe I can learn more from where I fully see the big picture.

My motto is “quality over quantity”. I am obsessed with the quality in my work. However, occasionally, it has to be put aside and I have to put more emphasis on getting stuff done and improving it later.